McLaren MP4-12C ‘Project Alpha’ cars being built for Windy City rich

It has become clear that the McLaren MP4-12C is car that can match Ferrari and Aston Martin in terms of outright performance, and with vehicles like the X-1 Concept, we’re starting to believe that the company can hang with the big boys in terms of special editions, too.

Case in point is this six-example “Project Alpha” model that’s headed to McLaren’s Chicago dealer. The Project Alpha supercar – revealed to Autoblog via a sales brochure in PDF form – represents a stylish amalgam of bits and pieces from the company’s Special Operations catalog.
A representative of Chicago McLaren was able to confirm that the 2012 model-year special edition is fully loaded in terms of the current options sheet, while also offering all of the functional upgrades due out on the 2013 model: 616 horsepower, revised shift and throttle logic, and a retuned exhaust.

The Project Alpha Mac features a host of cosmetic upgrades, too, which set it apart from the, uh, pack. A gloss black finish can be found on the roof, front splitter, rear deck lid and inner surfacing of the wheels, while carbon fiber rear vents and front fender louvers complete the exterior modifications. In the cabin, badging on the driver’s door identifies the model, and a host of “Project Alpha” branding hammers the message home.

The expected retail price for the MP4-12C Project Alpha is around $335,000, though 4 of the 6 examples have already been spoken for.

Michele Shapiro, Public Relations Manager for McLaren North America, tells Autoblog “These are cars commissioned by our Chicago dealer in response to customer demand using options from the existing McLaren Special Operations catalogue.” Shapiro continues, “MSO offers a specialization service that varies from trim and bodywork changes – as witnessed by this car – to a whole new car, for example the X-1 project recently shown at The Quail in Monterey, California.”