Ultimate Cocktail Creation #1: The Southern BOSS



So today is Friday and it has been a long week. Its still summer time hot outside.. even though its 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

As soon as you get home, you immediately head to the fridge to create the perfect drink for a BOSS (that’s you) .

So what do you make? The answer is called a SOUTHERN BOSS and here is how you make it.

 What you need: 

One bottle of  CROWN ROYAL BLACK

A couple cans of  VANILLA COCA-COLA

“Drink Worthy” fruit of your choice (OPTIONAL)


How to make a   SOUTHERN BOSS:

Grab a short glass made for brandy and ADD ICE.

Next, ADD THE CROWN ROYAL BLACK to fill the glass half way.


Add any kind of ‘Drink- Worthy’ fruit of your choice to this cocktail and ENJOY!

(NOTE: This drink gets better with time. Unless you are trying to get wasted, this drink will taste better as you sip it and let the contents mix. Letting it sit with the fruit in it also does wonders..)