Wow Dwight Howard Addresses His Father’s Comments & Tells Who He Confides In

Dwight Howard found himself having to deal with more comments surrounding him and Kobe Bryant, but this time they came from his father Dwight Howard Sr.  He was reluctant to address the issue but did share some surprising information.

“I’m not going to get into it,” Howard said after practice in Miami on Saturday when asked about the recent comments of his father, Dwight Howard Sr., dissecting the relationship triangle between the Lakers’ center, coach Mike D’Antoni and guard Kobe Bryant.

“My dad is a grown man. If that’s how he feels, then we’ll leave it at that. I’m not going to get into it.”

While the Lakers have struggled through a 24-27 start to their season, Howard has sought counsel not only from his father, but surprisingly from Van Gundy as well.

“Me and Stan, we talk,” Howard said of his former coach from 2007-12, whom he reportedly wanted fired in Orlando. “We actually talked this week. He needed some help (with a charitable cause), he asked for my support, and I was there for him. Despite everything that happened, or whatever, we’re still good friends.”

It’s really surprising that the two are still friends considering the rift in their relationship during Howard’s last days as a member of the Orlando Magic and Van Gundy’s subsequent firing.

But like Kobe Bryant said, at this point everyone just needs to do their job.