The Worst Call in NFL History?

The controversy over the work of replacement officials reached an intense pitch during Week 3 in the NFL, especially late Monday when Seattle beat Green Bay on a desperation pass that many thought was an interception.

Seahawks receiver Golden Tate was awarded a touchdown on the final play after a scrum on the ground in the end zone. Packers safety M.D. Jennings appeared to catch the ball against his body, with Tate getting his arm around the ball.

After a few seconds, one official indicated a stoppage of play, but another signaled touchdown for a conclusion former NFL coach Jon Gruden, working the game on TV, called “tragic” and “comical.”

Reports also show that most of the referee’s selected this year were not even qualified to work in the woman’s lingerie football league due to lack of hand eye coordination. Check out the video below and lets see if you can do a better job.