Check Out Who Made The Least Liked Athletes List!

I always enjoy these lists to see how fans are feeling.  Can you guess who took the top spot in Forbes least liked athlete list?!

The latest public surveys from Nielsen/E-Poll show Te’o and Armstrong in a virtual dead heat for the dubious title of America’s most disliked athlete (though we give the nod to Armstrong based on higher name recognition, which gives his score a bit more heft). Each appeals to just 15% of the public, according to Nielsen’s polling, which it conducts on a rolling basis with the help of E-Poll, an Encino, Calif.-based market research firm. Candidates were limited to active athletes with a minimum of 10% awareness (Armstrong is now barred from officially sanctioned events, but still competes as an athlete, hence for all practical purposes he is active).

Here’s the full Top 10 list:

1. Lance Armstrong
2. Manti Te’o
3. Tiger Woods
4. Jay Cutler
5. Metta World Peace
6. Alex Rodriguez
7. Michael Vick
8. Kurt Busch
9. Kobe Bryant
10. Tony Romo

Among the most disliked of 2012 who escaped the list this year are Kris Humphries, no doubt a one-shot wonder after his quickie marriage to Kim Kardashian landed him in the tabloids, and LeBron James, who shook off a lot of the negativity surrounding his “decision” thanks to an NBA title and an Olympic gold medal. Also dropping off: Plaxico Burress (gun bust), Ndamkong Suh (dirty play), and Terrell Owens (all-around pot stirrer), memories of whom are fading quickly.

  • Djdiesel317

    What about SUH from Detroit