Three World Trade Center Workers Arrested For Selling Weed At Construction Site

Seven months ago, The Port Authority received a tip that there was a drug ring amongst the construction workers working on the World Trade Center. After an investigation into Long Island’s Sorbrara Construction, three workers were arrested for selling weed to other workers. Brian McDermott, John Fama, and Cesar Rivera have been arrested and are facing charges of five counts of drug sale and possession. The Port Authority are going to continue this investigation because they believe there are more people involved than these three men. Read more below.

The Port Authority released a statement saying, “now we’re going to lean on them to give up their source.” This is not the first time there has been an issue on the contrustion at the site, countless men were fired after it was found that they were getting drunk at lunchtime. The Port Authority said the site is the perfect site to do illegal things since there are no police officers around.

Spotted at: Gothamist