New Diehard Movie Wrecked $11 Million Worth Of Cars For Chase Scene

Whyyyyyy did they have to do this? So disrespectful! They could of called me and I would of taken a Mercedes off their hands for free. The new Diehard movie ” A Good Day To Diehard ” wrecked 132 cars in the main chase scene, with a price tag of $11 million for those cars wrecked. It would of cost even more if Mercedes didn’t donate a bunch of G-wagon’s to the scene for free. They even crushed a new Lamborghini, smh! So basically a 5 minute scene cost $11 million just in the cars that were damaged. That means the pricetag on this movie overall was skyhigh. Check the scene in question after the jump and see if you can pick out how many luxury cars were destroyed. I am still mad though, lol.