Five College Football Scandals


SMU When the NCAA found out that the Mustangs had been paying footballers, it made SMU the only school in history to earn the “death penalty”: termi­nation of the program for the entire 1987 season.


Alabama The Crimson Tide were forced to give up 10 wins from 2005, six from 2006, and five from 2007 after a textbook-stealing scam. That’s a dorky way to go down, ’Bama.

Florida State

Florida State Had to vacate all their 2006 and 2007 victories due to an academic scandal involving athletes from several sports cheating in an online music course. Downloading iTunes is hard!

Arkansas State

Arkansas State When it was discovered the Red Wolves had fielded academically ineligible players, the NCAA deleted 10 wins—four from 2006 and six from 2005—from the record books.


USC Thanks to Reggie Bush, the Trojans were stripped of their 2004 BCS championship and all their 2005 and 2006 wins. But Reggie still got to bone Kim Kardashian, so…totally worth it!