5 Bikes You Must Have

Ducati Street Fighter and Street Fighter S
Motorcycle Show 2009

Unlike the other bikes Ducati has been making for years, this Italian motorcycle manufacturer is now producing some rides that don’t require a spine of steel and titanium wrists to enjoy. And that’s largely because most of their buyers are, yes, getting older and don’t go for hardcore street bikes like they did when they were a bit more spry. To that end, the mighty Streetfighter and Streetfighter S position the rider upright. And these bikes are feather-light at 370 or so pounds. This pair also feature “DTC”—Ducati Traction Control—the better to keep you perpendicular.

Vectrix VX-1
Motorcycle Show 2009

This good-looking all-electric scooter is motorcycle-sized and motorcycle-heavy at 515 pounds, with a 60-inch wheelbase and 30-inch seat height. The VX-1 is highway legal, though you won’t be passing any Vettes or Vipers–the top speed is just 62-mph. Still, it can accelerate to that speed in 7.5 seconds. And that’s not too shabby. Though it’s rather large–similar in size to the Suzuki Burgman–Vectrix plans include a lower, narrower seat for smaller riders.

Honda Fury 
Motorcycle Show 2009

The Fury is a gorgeous, sporty offering from the normally meat-and-potatoes Honda. This bike resembles a customized chopper, but, in this case, Honda’s mass production and warranty covers stuff that Joe’s Custom Bike Shop might not be able to, or want to handle as the miles roll on. Its 1312 cc, liquid-cooled 52 degree V-twin make it a fiery ride, and a wide 200-series rear tire is coupled with a skinny 21-inch front wheel–for that all-important custom stance.

Victory Street Vision Anniversary 
Motorcycle Show 2009

The Street Vision is, plainly speaking, an enormous bike. Even the front foot rests look as though they could accommodate Shaq’s sneakers with room to spare. With its predatory triangular face, ant-segment-like gas tank and 106-cubic-inch Freedom V-twin coupled with a skinny seat, this bike announces your presence on the road like few others. They’re rare, too; Victory’s only turning out 100 of these anniversary machines.

Can-Am Spyder
Motorcycle Show 2009

Though this trike is officially classified as a motorcycle, it’s really a combination of bike, ATV and snowmobile–with all the fun of those rides and far less physical peril. You see, since it’s a trike, the rider doesn’t have to balance, like one does on a two-wheeler. It’s powered by an 1125-cc, Rotax V-Twin dual overhead cam engine making 107 hp and 77 lb.-ft. of torque. For 2009, the Spyder SE5 model features a new automatic gearbox, too.

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  • MLogan

    aside from the ducati, the rest of these bikes can be plainly classified as ‘poseur bikes’ or ‘douche bikes’ or both.