Motorized Shoes Travel At 10 MPH, Now Available

Motorized Shoes Travel At 10 MPH, Now Available

Because Heelys were secretly awesome but they looked like they belonged on the feet of a Vans Warped Tour attendee, the need for some cool-looking wheeled shoes has been ever-present. Designer Peter Treadway may have just delivered the answer to our personal mobility prayers with spnKiX, a pair of roller-skates-meets-kicks that up the ante with a motor and futuristic design a la the Adidas Kobe IIs.

Short rides are best for the spnKiX, as each foot comes equipped with a motor pushing 10 mph and a rechargeable battery pack that lasts about two to three miles before a three-hour recharge is required. Currently on pre-order for $375, the price almost doubles up—to $649 once it releases in March 2012—as will our waistlines, too.

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  • Artgal57

    Honestly. Tsk tsk. OK. just say ‘Oh, how cool. We’re just like the Jetson’s…’ and leave it at that, yes? We Americans are fat enough as it is.